Two Ingush Were in the “Death Squad” that Killed Apti Dolakov on 2 September in Karabulak 15.09.2007 20:54

As reported by the OMON [police special forces] Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ingush Republic fighters, who on 2 September jointly with officers from the Karabulak Municipal Department of Internal Affairs detained a “death squad” of the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya which had organised a gunfight in the centre of Karabulak and committed the barbarous killing of Apti Dolakov, among the captured killers were two Ingush. They were carrying FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya officer IDs with Ossete surnames and tried to confuse the OMON fighters, pretending first to be Russians, then Ossetes. However, after a severe beating, they confessed that they were Ingush, officers of the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya. Their names and surnames are known. When asked by the officer from the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs for Karabulak why they kill innocent people, one of them replied, “It’s our living.” These Ingush along with their colleagues, who are posted from regions of Russia, also took part in the shooting of 17-year-old Islam Belokiyev at the Ekazhevsky market.

As is known, on Turygin and Medov’s orders, the “death squad” was released. Several FSB officers, including the two Ingush, received bodily injuries of varying severity. They are recovering in Stavropol Province.


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