Iles Dolgiyev and Other Friends of Dolakov, Brutally Killed in Karabulak, Are Released. Their Guilt Remains Unproven.

1188751093.jpg 15.09.2007 14:55

All the friends and acquaintances of Apti Dolakov, killed on 2 September in Karabulak, namely Iles Dolgiyev, Ozdoyev, Gorbakov, Matiyev and others, who were detained and slandered in front of the whole world as accomplices to the murder of the family of a woman teacher from Karabulak, have been released.

We remind you that on the basis of false information from the press service of the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya, Iles Dolgiyev and the others detained were announced as “accomplices to the murder of the family of a teacher in Karabulak”, “involved in armed attacks on military servicemen and policemen,” and so on in editions of the NTV television channel, 1st Channel, Channel “Rossiya”, and also in the reports of other media outlets. Even the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Ingush Republic, Musa Medov, in his interview called them guilty, “combatants” and so on.

So it becomes obvious that neither was Apti Dolakov, killed by the special services, guilty of anything.


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