The Hunt for Yevloyev Magomed in Ingushetiya

November 23, 2007 23.11.2007 14:01

Today in Malgobek and Nazran police officers turned up at several addresses; they reported that they have been given the task of arresting Magomed Yevloyev, owner of the site “Ingushetiya.Ru”. The policemen explained that “the entire republic is going crazy, they’re saying that Yevloyev has arrived”.


Fighters Announce That They Have Nothing to Do with the Shooting of the Russian Population

November 23, 2007 23.11.2007 12:13

Yesterday on internet sites under the control of the combatants there appeared “an announcement of the command of the Ingush Sector Caucasian Front”.

In this announcement the armed resistance reports that it has nothing to do with the crimes commited against Ingushetiya’s Russian-speaking population.

Below we present an excerpt from the announcement:

“The deployment of troops, the senseless shooting of Russian families, gypsies, Armenians and other provocations are clear proof of the preparations for Ingushetiya’s next massive slaughter, in such a manner turning the Ingush against the mujahedin and the residents of Russian against the Ingush.

“We yet again declare that we have nothing to do with the actions cited. The objects of our attacks are representatives of all the kafir military and the kafir-controlled gangs among the local munafiqs and murtads, and also any persons participating in the genocide of Muslims and at war against Islam on the side of the kaffirs.”

So, there is confirmation of the version regarding the possible involvement of “death squads” in the shooting of the Russian-speaking population, in collaboration with Ingushetiya’s ruling clique. Among officials close to Zyazikov, another version is popular – of the involvement in the crimes of a certain “third power” interested in Ingushetiya’s destabilisation. This version is being actively spread personally by Murat Zyazikov, who knows how to turn any situation to his advantage, manipulating the different facts and conjecture in front of the Kremlin.

Shocking Video of Intimate “Philanderings” of Murat Zyazikov Falls into the Hands of Our Editorial

November 21, 2007 16.11.2007 13:06

A video has fallen into the hands of our editorial in which the President of the Republic of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov “amuses himself”, as indicated in the accompanying letter, with Moscow prostitutes. Shocking frames: to watch naked Zyazikov and what he is up to is simply revolting. Enclosed with the letter is an SMS message of Zyazikov with his lover, from which it seems he has bought her a Moscow apartment. The verbal expressions of Zyazikov in this message are also highly indecent.

Following verification that the video and message are genuine (we do not doubt that the video is authentic, everything is so clearly visible in it), in the next two or three days it will be placed on the site.

The video will “sit” on the site for a few days. We ask during this period that you do not allow persons under 18 years of age access to the computer and the internet. We apologise in advance to all our visitors.

Yesterday in Sunzhensky District Military Servicemen Shot at Three Young People: One Is Dead, Two Wounded

November 20, 2007 16.11.2007 11:26

On 15 November at 23:45 hours in the Cossack village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya in Sunzhensky district servicemen of the internal troops (according to other reports, officers of Sunzhensky District Department of Internal Affairs) shot at three young men from firearms: Temirkhanov Vakhid Vakhayevich, born 1987, Makhauri Islam Islamovich, born 1989, and Vidayev Khamzat Lom-Aliyevich, born 1989. As a result of the shooting all three received serious injuries and were taken to the Sunzhensky district hospital. By morning one of them had passed away from his injuries: Khamzat Vidayev.

According to the reports of locals, officers of the power structures stopped the young people and began addressing them with swear words. When the kids responded to the insult, they opened fire on them.

In Nazran During a Concert the “Matrix” Cinema Was Shot at from a Grenade Launcher

November 20, 2007 15.11.2007 20:28

Just now, during a concert of Chechen and Ingush entertainment stars held in Nazran in the building of the “Matrix” cinema, unidentified persons shot at the building from grenade launchers. At the moment of the firing the singer Maryam Tashayevva was performing. Panic broke out among the spectators after the explosions. According to initial reports, no one was injured.

The building of the cinema suffered damage.

At 10:00 Redirection to Porn Site Is Cancelled with Both Providers, but Access to Ingushetiya.Ru Remains Closed

November 20, 2007 14.11.2007 10:23

This morning at 10:00 both providers (CJSC “ITT” and LLC “Telecom”) stopped the redirection of users opening the site “Ingushetiya.Ru” to an English-language porn site, but access to our site was not opened.

Users of the internet through the providers CJSC “ITT” and LLC “Telecom” upon trying to open the site “Ingushetiya.Ru” see the message, “It is not possible to display the page”.

New Information: Mobile Phone Providers Operating in Ingushetiya Were Given Instructions to Shut Down the Internet

November 18, 2007 13.11.2007 01:05

Information has reached us that mobile phone providers operating in Ingushetiya (“Beeline”, “Megafon” and “MTS”) also received Murat Zyazikov’s instruction, voiced by the Minister of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya Musa Medov, to block viewing of the site “Ingushetiya.Ru” from cell phones. Should the attempt to block the site fail, the providers were required to switch off the function of the GPRS totally, so that no one could access the internet.

The Instruction to Redirect Internet Users to a Porn Site Was Issued by Murat Zyazikov Personally

November 17, 2007 13.11.2007 09:40

As reported by our sources in the technical service of two Ingush internet providers – LLC “Telecom” and CJSC “ITT”, the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Ingushetiya Musa Medov, who summoned the heads of the said firms, demanding from them closure of access to the site “Ingushetiya.Ru”, referred to a personal directive of the President of the Republic of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov. The address of the porn site, which users are now being redirected to, was given to the Minister of Internal Affairs by Murat Zyazikov personally.

Medov said that this porn resource is the Ingush president’s favourite site.

On 10 November Troops Were Brought into the Village of Surkhakhi

November 17, 2007 12.11.2007 13:19

On the morning of 10 November, troops were brought into the village of Surkhakhi in Nazran district. Tanks and armoured personnel carriers stand at the entrance to the village and at all the junctions of streets. In all around 1,000 servicemen are in the settlement.

The reason for the introduction of troops into one of the largest villages in the republic remains unknown. The military says that they are carrying out “mop ups”.

Up to Ten Thousand People Plan to Take Part in the Protest on 24 November

November 17, 2007 11.11.2007 21:02

According to the rough estimate of the organising committee, nearly ten thousand people are planning to take part in the protest which is to be held in Nazran on 24 November.