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1992 Genocide – Photos

November 2, 2007





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Mamsurov Honours the Memory of Killers and Rapists

November 1, 2007 31.10.2007 12:24

This is how the authorities of North Ossetia have decided to mark the memory of child killers and rapists who destroyed the villages of the Ingush, committing bloodthirsty crimes against the Ingush in Prigorodnoy district and Vladikavkaz:


North Ossetia Remembers its Defenders

“Today in Vladikavkaz and population centres in Prigorodnoy district they are remembering the victims of Ingush aggression. At 09:00 hours in Vladikavkaz at the Alley of Glory was held the first laying of flowers to the fallen defenders of North Ossetia during the events of autumn 1992. The first to lay flowers to the heroes of Ossetia were the officials of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Physical Education and Sport, actors from the “Amyran” theatre, representatives of social and student organisations studying in Vladikavkaz schools. At 11:00 the head of North Ossetia Taymuraz Mamsurov and members of the government and parliament arrived to pay tribute to the memory of the republic’s defenders at the Alley of Glory.

“At the Alley of Glory in the village of Oktyabrskoye at 10:00 hours a protest of mourning was held, at which over a thousand people were present. Its participants remembered the insidious assault of Ingush gangster bands and condemned the policy of the country’s former leadership, adopting explosive laws concerning the territorial rehabilitation of repressed peoples and a decree on the forming of the Republic of Ingushetiya without designating borders.

“The victims of the Ingush aggression and the defenders of Ossetia were also remembered in other population centres in Prigorodnoy district.



The head of North Ossetia Taymur Mamsurov decided to “honour the memory” of killers and rapists, while our president Murat Zyazikov would not deign even to mention in his recent TV appearances and media interviews the events of fifteen years ago when his nation was killed and driven out of their homes.

The Killers Elevated by the Authorities of Ossetia to the Ranks of “Heroes”

November 1, 2007 31.10.2007 12:36

The events of fifteen years ago will never be wiped from the memory of the Ingush people. For the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Ingush population of Prigorodnoy district not one killer has been held to account, though their crimes have been evidenced. Below is the verdict for the case of the resident of Southern Ossetia Igor Zakharovich Kulumbegov, one of numerous killers. This scum raped and cruelly killed an Ingush girl. He was put on the wanted list in a criminal case led by the Public Prosecutor for the Russian Federation. In 2002 Kulumbekov was detained purely by chance and the case was sent to the Supreme Court of Northern Ossetia. The Ossetian court found the killer not guilty, while the judges gave the reason for their actions as being that “he was killing Ingush people”. In Northern Ossetia not one Ossete has been convicted for the killing of the Ingush.

15-Year Anniversary Approaches of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing Carried out against Ingush Living in Northern Ossetia

September 14, 2007 13.09.2007 21:51

Soon it will be 15 years since the bloody episodes in Prigorodnoy District and Vladikavkaz, when crazed Ossetian gangs under the cover of the Russian army carried out a genocide of Ingush people living in the Prigorodnoy District and Vladikavkaz (Ingush territories which were annexed to Ossetia). In October and November 1992 on Russia’s territory were committed the first international war crimes, for which so far no one has taken responsibility: mass killings and hostage-taking of people of Ingush ethnicity living in Ossetia, looting, explosions and burning down of houses and flats where Ingush lived, the first ethnic cleansing in Russia, in the course of which more than 60 thousand Ingush were expelled from North Ossetia.