Zyazikov and Medov suspected of participation in murder

Human rights defenders demand inquiry into the murder of the “Ingushetia.Ru” owner
Caucasian Knot

Russian and Ingush human rights organizations have voiced in favour of prompt investigation into the circumstance of Magomed Evloev’s murder. Demands are also expressed to entrust the case to federal, not local, inspectors.

Human Rights Watch also calls to investigate into the circumstances of the death in Ingushetia of Magomed Evloev, manager of the oppositional website “Ingushetia.Ru”.

“Evloev is a well-known figure, perhaps, the main oppositional figure in Ingushetia. His death under such suspicious circumstances can’t but cause questions,” said Tatiana Lokshina, deputy director of Moscow office of Human Rights Watch, the “Interfax” reports.

Radio Liberty reports that Alexander Cherkasov, a member of the Board of the Society “Memorial”, has noted that human rights activists had repeatedly stated that extrajudicial executions are a practice in Ingushetia. People are not detained, they are murdered, Mr Cherkasov has added.

Aslambek Apaev, expert of the Moscow Helsinki Group for Northern Caucasus, has stated in his conversation with the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent that the murder of Magomed Evloev, owner of the website “Ingushetia.Ru”, is a challenge to the whole human rights movement in Russia, having added that, in his opinion, this was a customized political murder.

The “Mashr” human rights organization has conducted its investigation into the circumstances of Evloev’s death. Magomed Mutsolgov, leader of the “Mashr”, has stated that the outcomes of their public inquiry give grounds to assert that two high-ranking Ingushetian officials are directly or indirectly involved in Evloev’s murder:

“If the evidences of eyewitnesses that we have registered are true, there are grounds to suspect President of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov and Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov of participation in Magomed Evloev’s murder.”

As to Magomed Evloev himself, he believed that activation of attacks on the website was caused by publication of the material about beating of President of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov by Musa Keligov, former deputy plenipotentiary of Russian President for the South Federal District (SFD).


15 Responses to “Zyazikov and Medov suspected of participation in murder”

  1. Amy Hill Says:

    This is an absolute outrage. It may feel like America is not paying attention, but at least some of its citizens are incensed to find out about such occurrences. As a member of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, I personally am doing what I can to make my countrymen aware of this injustice. But to what end? Putin and Medvedev are forging their own course without regard to world opinion or national sovereignty, and for that I am gravely concerned for the people of the Caucasus.

  2. Oscar Says:

    The process of re-stalinization is going on infront of the whole world by Putin and his cohorts.Chechnya,Ingushetya,Georgia and other old russian territories are being absorbed back.The old KGB Tsars cannot stand the idea that their empire is gone.And now with newly acquired oil money they are trying to reimpose their authority.I see civil war and more death in Russia’s future.

  3. Tanzilyaa Says:

    Приятно, когда развивают досконально темы! Добавила ссылочки на Ваш блог!

  4. Alina Says:

    Dear Rosa Mal’sagova,
    I read the article on “Venerdì”, the supplement of the italien newspaper “Republica”. I am impressed by your force and your courage. Don’t give up, make them listen your voice! Your country needs persons like you. I know what you mean when you say you coudn’t stand anymore their crimes and their hypocrisy. I know how painfull is the silence they impose. I lived my childhood in Romania under Ceausescu dictatorship. I remember how it hearts that people abroud don’t know about the pain and the sacrifice of your country. I immagine how you need to shout the truth, to tell everyone what really is your country. We, a lot of people from everywhere, stay with you and belive in you!

  5. GaiweR Says:

    Да написано неплохо, неужели так бывает. Как интересно, только вчера эту тему перетирала с подругой сидя на кухне с рюмочкой коньяка.

  6. Vlaserted Says:

    Ух ты, мне понравилось!

  7. Derevokas Says:

    Жаль не мое…..

  8. Cederash Says:

    Подскаите, где купить новый iPhone? Никак не могу найти в Москве…

  9. Ferinannnd Says:

    Спасибо за статью, всегда рад почитать вас!

  10. Avertedd Says:

    Классная статья – спасибо!

  11. Olegreze Says:

    Основная задача Яндекса — давать ответы на вопросы пользователей!

  12. zaragob Says:

    А можно я утяну ваш пост к себе в блог ? На правах копи-паста само-собой укажу источником ingushetiya.wordpress.com.

  13. Драйв Says:

    Хорошая статья. Действительно было интересно почитать. Не часто такое и встречается та.Наверное стоит подписаться на ваше RSS

  14. dvddom Says:

    ingushetiya, спасибо за пост. Нечасто я такое говорю, но сегодня захотел.

  15. Smo-Blog Says:

    Читать статьи

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