Anti-Kremlin website founder dies in police custody

France 24

The founder of a website and vocal critic of the Kremlin’s policies in the Caucasus died Sunday from a bullet wound to the head while in police custody, Interfax reported, quoting prosecutors.

Magomed Yevloyev ran the website, a major source of information in the region, and was a prominent opponent of the pro-Kremlin president of Ingushetia, Murat Zyazikov.

Prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation after Yevloyev was shot in a police car in Narzan, the capital of volatile Ingushetia, a mostly Muslim region that borders Chechnya.

The prosecutor’s office spokesman Vladimir Markin said “an incident” took place after Yevloyev was taken into a police car “resulting in a shooting injury to the head and he later died in hospital”, Interfax reported.

The website meanwhile reported that Yevloyev was killed after police arrested him in Narzan.

“Magomed Yevloyev was arrested today in Ingushetia and was killed”, said a report posted on

The website is among the most visited for news on Ingushetia and had openly criticised the Ingush president who had often threatened to shut it down.

Ekho Moskvy radio separately quoted local Ingush opposition activist Magomad Khazbiyev as saying that the website founder was arrested at gunpoint after his arrival in Narzan.

Yevloyev arrived on a flight that was also carrying the Ingush president.

“Yevloyev was arrested as he stepped off the plane,” Khazbiyev said.

Russian justice authorities had ordered in June that the site be shut down, saying it was disseminating “extremist” views.

Moscow had also blocked access to the site late last year after it called for protests against the local administration which the opposition accuses of corruption and mismanagement.’s chief editor Rosa Malsagova earlier this month had announced plans to seek asylum in France.

“This was a murder that must be solved,” said Alexander Cherkassov, from the Russian rights group Memorial.

Russian opposition activist Ilia Yashin accused Zyazikov of “being behind the murder” of the website founder, in an interview to Ekho Moskvy radio.

Ingushetia has been grappling with mounting security problems.

While major combat operations against separatist rebels in neighbouring Chechnya have ceased, Ingushetia and other nearby provinces remain plagued by shoot-outs between Russian security services and local guerrillas.


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  1. Russian Web Dissident Killed | Says:

    […] the Russian prosecutor’s office as saying an investigation into the death had been launched.A posting on Yevloyev’s site — which has been the subject of repeated official attempts to close it down — […]



  3. Wojtek Says:

    Russia is the dark side of the force. Please russian people make revolution!! Russia is as always sick country i dont know what to think about russians if they still cannot change anything in this sick country.
    With regards from Poland to all Russian people.

  4. Donovan Driver Says:

    Wow, this is terrible news.

  5. Henric Says:

    How horrible news!!! I hope justice will strike back!!! THis cannot be tolerated.

    Henric, Holland

  6. Mohammad Says:

    obviously a jewish conspiracy given the timing of this incident when jewish regimes of the caucuses and the Europe are trying to put pressure on Russia. Jews use this tactic very often to cause rift, violence, division and massacres between 2 or more ethnic groups and nations. Hutu and tutsi massacres started in an identical manner when Mossad shot down the president’s plane.
    Zyaziko as a former KGB is most likely a Jew and in the same team as the rulers in Georgia, poland, to some extent Ukraine.
    I think the Muslims should neturalize these jewish attempts and distinguish between these Jewish KGB rulers and the masses of people in those countries who mostly have no connection to their rulers.

  7. Maka Says:

    It’s well-staged Caucasian genocide! Some are being killed directly from the Russian Red army, some from their criminal regime and the saddest thing – MANY Caucasians -Ossetians, Abkhazians are being and will be killed by their Criminal “Governments”!!! Wake up, Caucasus, wake up, Europe, wake up WORLD!

  8. FOUDAL Says:

    All humanity is in mourning, what is happening in Russia today reminds us of the days of Stalin. I wonder how many Stalin remains in all the world?

  9. Irakli Says:

    I thought the declaring Abkhazia and Ossetia would backfire for Russia, now Ingushetya wants independence. This will makes sense more, as far genocide of Ingush people by Ossetians and Rusian is documented and proven thing; they want to be independent and ther’s nothing Russia can resist to it unless wiping it out like Chechnya twice.

  10. Peyote Says:



    and now…

    Russia behaves like a third world police state ignoring everyone and anyone. It acts as though it is in a time vacuum where it believes it can act just like good ‘ole Jo Stalin did.

    Problem is, do we really care what the Russian government thinks or does, and wouldn’t we be happier for it to just disappear back up its own прямая кишка?

  11. adik Says:

    This is pure murder, Russia should change it’s name to RUSSMAFIA ruled by PUTIN. Putin’s accountant Roman Abramovich should be arrested by INTERPOL & made to confess how much he has stached for Gangster Putin but this is an unfair world. Hope there is God up there.

  12. Steve Yeh Says:

    Russia has turned back to a dictatorship regime since Putin became head. And it’s getting worse. Now it is really trying to rule by killing. Russia really like the form of Communism. But I don’t think this is the way the Russia people like.The Russia people should not let those bastards steal their elections every time, for their own good.

  13. Astrid Says:

    May he rest in peace. How sad this is.

    This murder can and will not be tolerated!
    The whole world is watching Russia for it’s horrible medieval deeds.
    Russia won’t get any respect this way. No tourism either.

    From Berlin, Germany and Den Haag, Netherlands.

  14. Jakub Says:

    Russians are slaves of theirs goverment. Sad bad true. Russian goverment still live in minor age of conquerors.

  15. George Says:

    LilliPutin strikes again. Why are small men so anxious to push other people around? Perhaps if he admitted that he is a homosexual, it would be a first step to his recovery.

  16. 5-Pillar Scribe Says:

    This is an example of what Muslims all over the world are going through in one form or another. They are saying…”even without arms, we speak out for justice,” and you treat us like animals in a Western slaughterhouse.” What message are you giving the moderate Muslims when they speak out – what should they expect? Therefore, how can you fault their distrust of these anti-Islamic forces?

    Another interesting point…Magomed is not mentioned in Western papers as being a Muslim. May Magomed be received as a mujahid when he meets God Almighty.

  17. Susan Fitch Says:

    I wish to express my sympathies and condolences to the family of Magomed Yevloyev and to the people of Ingushetia. Voices of freedom require people of great strength and courage especially when that voice is up against a repressive government and, sadly, it seems most world powers are both repressive and without conscience, whether passive or overt in their violence.

    What a glorious day it will be when governments no longer repress their people but, rather, support and glorify the dignity of freedom and truth in their political actions.

    Magomed Yevloyev name will live on because he stood for the truth and the truth will prevail. DO NOT FORGET THIS MAN! He gave his life so that the people of Ingushetia could live free lives with out the fear of repression or reprisal.

    From New Mexico, USA

  18. Anti-Kremlin, Muslim website founder dies in police custody « 5-Pillar Column Says:

    […] shoot-outs between Russian security services and local guerrillas.  (Link is from his own blog)  >>>>> This is an example of what Muslims all over the world are going through in one form or another. […]

  19. yves salama Says:

    I have read and agree with all the comments made previously, with the exception of Mohammeds anti Jew tirade I have to agree with all of them. Russia is now and has always been a country run by gangsters. It has always been run by gangsters for gangsters. Without its leverage in the ‘current’ world fuel markets, Russia would be a small unnoticed caucous such as the type it now attempts to cling to. Stalin lives.

  20. yves salama Says:

    ps. Yoshinkan, please go down to your nearest Mosk and just speak to people.

  21. yves salama Says:

    pss. The trail of guilt of the assasination of Yevloyev leads DIRECTLY/INDIRECTLY to Pukin, sorry Putin. My condolances to his family and friends.

  22. Mohammad Says:

    “The only countries that have relative calm with your group are the countries with very low Muslim populations.” There’s no major country with relative calm, that is calmer than Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey…
    you know why? because there are jews in every major country and in charge of the media, politics, economics, education, military and security forces. just becaise the media is not reporting an unrest doesn’t mean there’s calm.
    this assanation by the israeli-trained “special operation” thugs posing as police is totally inline with the previously well-publicized in Russia of attacks on Russian troops by the Chechyans. those sudden “attacks” were designed to remind the Russians that the MUslims are enemies and now this assassination is to remind the Muslims in the region that the Russians are cold-blooded murderes when in fact no Muslim or Russian was involved in any of it. It was all done by the jews in the region.
    if the president of Gergia is a jew and supported by Israel then the Jews and the Israelis can not possibly be absent in neighboring countries if not in total control by posing as some patriotic party or group.
    Suppression, bloodshed, unrest, conflict, violence, police britality, dictaorships, people in distress, sufferings,… are all signs that jews in that particular region are in control as they are very unjust.

  23. Mohammad Says:

    Those same gangsters are referred to as “team members” in the western countries. they even invite some of their former and current victims, maids and servants to join their “team”. an indication that they’re in really bad shape and desperate to cling on anything they can and pay them well with the heroin, cocain and other types of illegitimate money.

  24. Anti-Kremlin website founder dies in police custody « IPC 498A Says:

    […] Anti-Kremlin website founder dies in police custody […]

  25. Sudheesh Says:

    It is very sad that freedom of expression is still not allowed by Russian ‘democratic’ Government. Communism had several good values and still people came against that because of the iron handed approach of the authorities then.
    The current Russian government is following the same foot steps by killing media people who oppose them. Those who are in power become foolish to think that they can easily contain opposition by eliminating the prominent opponents. But it is truth of world that, if one is eliminated there will be enough new people to carry on the unfinished work.
    And the bad publicity and passion this news will create on the local and international community will be enormous and Iam sure the Russian Government will have tough time in the days ahead.

  26. MD Says:

    If this doesn’t show that Russia is run by the mafia, I don’t know what does. Absolutely disgusting.

  27. L1 Says:

    Well, if you believe the official Russian story, you’ll believe anything. Russia you are sleepwalking into a fight you can’t possibly win.

  28. Begemotik Says:

    It can’t go on forever. It’s disgusting! I feel ashamed for all Russian citizens, wonderful people, I really think they have to start to look around and “open their eyes”

  29. J O Says:

    Let us never forget people like Magomed Yevloyev. These are the people who fight for freedom and liberty. It is possible to kill one like these, it is also possible to kill ten or hundred, but sooner or later there will be an uprise of millions who demand to have the basic human rights, and then it can not be stopped.

    Thank you, Magomed Yevloyev, that you have told the world about some horrible things that have been going on.

    I am sorry that it ended like it did.

    You will not have sacrificed your life in vain. Your death makes it even clearer that you were fighting for the right principles. You have raised our attention of the terror that is being directed to you and your people.

    Thank you.

    Rest In Peace.

  30. Bogdan Says:

    Some people are destined to be known post mortem. May he rest in peace and his death will not be in vain!

    Strange things happens in Russia. Every country has the leaders that it deserves. Putin first is a russian and after that is the Prime Minister of the country.

    From Bucharest we see this with great sadness. We are glad that we escaped from the russian malefic influence.

  31. Olsen Says:

    Russia is a land of filthy toilets, human degradation, mistreating og animals and violating basic human rights.

    If they had not oil and gas they could sell to the civilized world, they would all be back to farming.

    Russias place in the world is the same place as the vulgar, often drunk guy that won money in the lottery and bought a gun. As you watch him on his daily ramapges, you can’t do much more than be thankful for the fact that you don’t live in his house.

    I feel sorry for you all in the former Soviet Union.

  32. Kyle Says:

    Sad for Magomed Yevloyev and family!

    But sadder yet for these comments that do not care except to rant and rave about Russia!

    Being from America I have seen these same killings by cops many times! I have had and known people killed under these circumstances.

    Is is correct? NO!

    Does it happen all over the world? YES!


  33. Iñigo Says:

    You will be supported from people from other countries. Russians are more dangerous day by day with Putin and his Mafia.
    This killers aren’t cassual, are planificated by the Putin’s firneds.
    Sad for the family and ingush people (and Chechenia, Georgia,… there are a lot of victims)

  34. Herzog Says:

    Die Russia, die!
    Russia SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Vladimir Pukin Says:

    I am not a homosexual. Even though I like to shoot tigers, and pretend to be a macho man, I have not had sex with another man, yet. Although Medyev is pretty cute.

  36. Bruce Says:

    Mohammad, you’re paranoid. This Jewish conspiracy garbage that you spew is just a lot of bullcrap. You set a bad example of and for Muslims everywhere. If every Muslim is as paranoid and irrationally anti-Jewish as you, maybe the Russians were smart to take this guy out.

    Neither Putin, Medvedev, nor Zyazikov are Jewish. You, Mohammad, however ARE paranoid. You do your religion a grave disservice by spreading this kind of paranoia.

  37. Evrviglnt Says:

    This is another outrage. We’ll be talking about this on our internet radio show tomorrow night in an effort to remind people that Russia is a bear that feeds on its own.

    I need to know of some American blogs run by Russians that I can interview on the show – can anyone direct me toward some?

  38. Draeger Says:

    Dočetl jsem se,že majitele stránek zastřelily.Policajti jsou asi pěkný svině a nemají rádi pravdu.A ještě ty krádeže… KGB die die die !!!

  39. klingsor Says:

    Mr Putin is the best friend of Berlusconi, they are two top criminals of international mafia! stop it Putin and her friends at russian governmet!!!
    k from italy

  40. Tardy Says:

    My sympathies to the family of Magomed Yevloyev all Russians and others living under the fear of retaliation from the Kremlin for expressing their own views and showing the world what is really going on under Putin.

    I am also sorry that this great man’s name has been grabbed by fundamentalist Muslims to stir up even more hatred in a world where all every rational person wants is peace and security to live and bring up their families in freedom, regardless of faith or race.

  41. Voron Says:

    Why on Russian site anything similar is not present?

  42. Voron Says:

    Вторая древнейшая профессия!!! Вы журналисты с этого сайта мало чем отличаетесь от кремлевских журналистов! И зарплату Вы все получаете от одного хозяина! Страдают и убивают обычных людей, которым вы промываете мозги… Где совесть Ваша?

  43. ingushetiya Says:

    Ворон, вы смогли бы обосновать ваши притензии? Или вы покричать безосновательно сюда зашли?

  44. Voron Says:

    Разве я кричал?! Меня на самом деле удивляет разница в содержании сайта для англоговорящих и остальных… Чем она вызвана?
    В остальном это очень похоже на “спецоперацию” известных органов по дестабилизации обстановки в локальном регионе с последующим введением режима “контр” операции… Не находите? И Вы как мне кажется, играете в этом не последнюю роль? Я Вам не выдвигаю обвинений, но это та мысль, которая возникла первой при ознакомлении с материалами…
    И последнее… Или Ваши руководители очень не умные или я не могу объяснить гибель Магомеда Евлоева (мир праху!) как то еще. Если они хотели это сделать, то зачем нужно было делать это так открыто!!!??? Первое, что приходит в голову – “кому выгодно?”

  45. Jonathon Says:

    WEll said Bruce.

    But people, (and I in now way endorse anything they’ve done) but, c’mon-the whole world is probably like this in form or another. IT’S NOT JUST RUSSIA!

    The NSA can tap any phone line and read any mail-in the same way stifling freedoms. In Britain, we have the MI agencies.

  46. ingushetiya Says:

    вся интонация вашего предыдущего комментария предполагает ваш крик.

    Что вас именно удивляет? Если бы вы были внимательны, то обнаружили, что подача новостей, на прямую дублированных с сайта остановилось 24 сентября 2007 по некоторым причинам. Последнии новости об убийстве Магомеда не дублировали сайт. Я привел их наиболее оперативным образом. В чем именно ваши претензии? Что именно вас не устраивает в подаче сей жуткой новости?
    У меня нет руководителей, я не получаю деньги за сей блог. Ваши претензии я бы сказал уже переходят пределы дозволенные человеку, имеющему честь.
    Если у вас есть что сказать или обвинить меня по делу – делайте это, или прекратите писать сюда чушь.
    Если вы не можете объяснить гибель Евлоева, то это ваши проблемы. Я здесь не при чем. Объяснять что то я не намереваюсь.

  47. Voron Says:

    Говоря “Ваши руководители”, я имел ввиду действующих руководителей РИ… (Хотя возможно для Вас они и не руководители). Попробуйте написанное мной прочитать в этом контексте…
    Меня не устраивает вообще “ПОДАЧА” новостей об убийствах, не важно кого…
    Зачем же все принимать на свой счет? Обращаясь посредством данной формы, предполагается диалог с некоей организацией, а не с отдельным человеком, это же не авторская колонка?! (к вопросу о денежном вознаграждении)

  48. ingushetiya Says:

    Руководителей РИ? Я вообще то живу даже не в россии…

    Если вас что то не устраивает, то или выразите ясную критику, или покажите как надо делать. В противном случае, разговор с вами будет закончен.

    Может вы сначала представились, чтобы задавать вопросы, кто я и что здесь и вовлечены ли деньги? Можно предполагать, что вы очередной агент спецслужб… у них отсутствует порядочность и четкость в вопросах – все размыто, чтобы выудить хоть какую информацию.

  49. barry matt - Lodon UK Says:

    Why are there always a few IslamoFacist NeoNazis who have to turn everything into a racist tirade?

    The world agrees that this kind of brutality is wrong. why does no one mention that the victim was a Muslim? because it doesn’t matter. who cares what religion he was? muslim, christian, jew, budhist or couldn’t give a cr@p he’s still a victim.

  50. Voron Says:

    Ну что! Логичное завершение беседы обвинением в принадлежности к спецслужбам 😉 Я то все думал, когда это произойдет?! Поздравляю! Настоящий представитель Media!!! Паранойя у Вас батенька… По поводу размытости в вопросах… Нарочно побывайте на допросе разок-другой, поймете, что у “них” никакой размытости в вопросах нет!
    Про критику, в первом посте я выразил удивление разницей в содержании сайтов, и только… Но как видно ответа на свой вопрос мне получить, впрочем тенденции и так понятны… 😦

  51. ingushetiya Says:

    еще раз повторяю, причины, по которым последний пост отличается от поста на оригинальном сайте я объяснил, до этого никаких расхождений не было. Если они есть, и вы правдивы, привидите пример.

    Паранойи никакой нет. Когда убивают и сажают в тюрьмы – паранойя не нужна. Все на лицо.

    Размытости в вопросах нет на допросах, когда уже арестовали. Но когда идет сбор информации под прикрытием, то создается атмосфера размытости, разконцентрирования собеседника. Чем вы собственно и занимаетесь.

    По факту вы не обосновали ваши претензии, хотя получили ответы на вопросы. посему аудиенция с вами закончилась.

  52. elZaphod Says:

    I wonder if Russia would object to Georgian tanks rolling into Ingushetia to aid the populace in their bid for independence? I’m betting the irony would be lost in a hail of Ruskie artillery.

  53. Lucas Galli Says:

    Justice will NEVER be done, because Russia and Russians are sick ’til the bone.
    I’ve been there many times and I saw always the same shit: cheap prostitutes, decadence, drunk people sleeping by the sidewalk at noon, people selling all sort of pirate CDs everywhere etc…
    Stupid country, stupid people! You should die in the slowest way possible along with the bloody dog-eaters, the Chinese scum.
    Sterilize this race so mankind can be saved from this madness!!!

  54. Klaus Steinberg Says:

    Bogdan , you`re stupid . 100 % !

  55. Евгений Says:

    Понравилось что в статье мало воды, всё чётко и кратко изложено…

  56. Василий Says:

    Очень понравился ваш блог !

  57. Василий Says:

    Скажите, а у вас есть RSS поток в этом блоге?

  58. Алексей Says:

    Мне кажется нельзя оставлять эту публикацию без внимания, тема очень актуальная и животрепещущая. Может обсудим ?

  59. Василий Says:

    Очень понравился этот сайт !

  60. Feewendorrigo Says:

    Как говорится.. Не дать не взять, зачётная статья!

  61. Ciglielahib Says:

    Все-таки на самом деле нравится мне Ваш блог. Всегда очень интересно читать, включая эту тему

  62. ino6 Says:

    How horrible news!!! I hope justice will strike back!!! THis cannot be tolerated.

  63. vemteaweery Says:

    A chto dlya vas vash blog? Vi proffesional’niy blogger ili eto prosto dlya dushi?

  64. UnoloSofbaf Says:

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    Проект Позор Украины создавался с целью ответа на похожий вопрос: «Кто же по вашему мнению является самым большим позором для Украины?» Кто из здравствующих или ушедших в мир иной своими поступками заслужил всеобщую нелюбовь?

  65. sicak film Says:

    Mr Putin is the best friend of Berlusconi, they are two top criminals of international mafia! stop it Putin and her friends at russian governmet!!!
    k from italy

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  79. Another Russian Journalist Shoot in the Head – By the Police « UD/RK Samhälls Debatt Says:

    […] […]

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    each time i used to read smaller articles or reviews that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading here.

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