Fighters Announce That They Have Nothing to Do with the Shooting of the Russian Population 23.11.2007 12:13

Yesterday on internet sites under the control of the combatants there appeared “an announcement of the command of the Ingush Sector Caucasian Front”.

In this announcement the armed resistance reports that it has nothing to do with the crimes commited against Ingushetiya’s Russian-speaking population.

Below we present an excerpt from the announcement:

“The deployment of troops, the senseless shooting of Russian families, gypsies, Armenians and other provocations are clear proof of the preparations for Ingushetiya’s next massive slaughter, in such a manner turning the Ingush against the mujahedin and the residents of Russian against the Ingush.

“We yet again declare that we have nothing to do with the actions cited. The objects of our attacks are representatives of all the kafir military and the kafir-controlled gangs among the local munafiqs and murtads, and also any persons participating in the genocide of Muslims and at war against Islam on the side of the kaffirs.”

So, there is confirmation of the version regarding the possible involvement of “death squads” in the shooting of the Russian-speaking population, in collaboration with Ingushetiya’s ruling clique. Among officials close to Zyazikov, another version is popular – of the involvement in the crimes of a certain “third power” interested in Ingushetiya’s destabilisation. This version is being actively spread personally by Murat Zyazikov, who knows how to turn any situation to his advantage, manipulating the different facts and conjecture in front of the Kremlin.


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