FSB Officers Planted a Submachine Gun at the Scene of the Killing of the Six-Year-Old Boy

ingushetiya.ru 09.11.2007 13:59

As reported by locals in the village of Chemulga, where FSB officers this morning in the Amrieyevs’ property shot dead a six-year-old boy, law-enforcement officers planted a submachine gun at the corpse of the child. This was done with the aim of justifying the crime committed. The village is still cordoned off, no one is being allowed near the site of the killing. A few hours after the incident, FSB officers announced that in the Amriyevs’ house a submachine gun had been found.

Officers of Sunzhensky District Department of Internal Affairs at the scene have confirmed the information of locals about the planting of the submachine gun by the FSB officers. “They thought long about how to explain the murder of the child, consulting with each other, then alleged that they had found a submachine gun in the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon report something about a whole cache. We aren’t being admitted to the scene of the incident,” reported one of the Sunzhensky District Department of Internal Affairs officers to our correspondent by telephone.


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