Zyazikov “Illegally Orders” Head of Ingushetiya.Ru Site Magomed Yevloyev in Public Prosecutor’s Office. Command Is Issued to Deliver Him to Vladikavkaz

ingushetiya.ru 22.10.2007 00:48

Murat Zyazikov’s struggle against our site is gathering pace. After several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the resource which speaks the truth about the situation in the area (requests to his colleagues from the FSB, calls to the government and People’s Assembly, Zyazikov’s joint letter with the Ossetian authorities to the public prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB about closing down the site for “incitement of racial hatred”, ordering Yevloyev’s assassination and so on), the President of Ingushetiya has decided on yet another step — to “order illegally” the public prosecution’s office to arrest Magomed Yevloyev.

Magomed Yevloyev himself has commented on events thus: “I am no stranger to persecution. I knew that Zyazikov would go to any lengths to close the site. The fact alone that he ordered my assassination says a lot. I am telling Murat Zyazikov that the sum of US $50,000 paid for my assassination was voluntarily handed over to me by the would-be killer, and it has been used for the good of the people of Ingushetiya — with it were bought some of the computers as part of the charitable programme “People’s Computer”. The illegally ordered case will be stopped, I am sure of this, insofar as I am innocent. They want to arrest me for a time, incarcerate me in a pre-trial detention centre in Vladikavkaz and to ‘work on me’ there. I am not afraid of this. And I will never give up my work for the good of Ingushetiya.”


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