Resident of Karabulak Asks to Protect her Family from the Arbitrary Action of the Power Structures
ROD “ChKNS 18.10.2007 13.08

In the Regional Public Movement “Chechen Committee of National Salvation”, claims continue to appear from citizens of the republic whose rights, in their words, are being violated by officers of the law enforcement agencies.

The Identity of the Abductors of the Aushev Cousins in Ingushetiya: They Are FSB and GRU Officers 18.10.2007 22:17

The identities have been established of the culprits who abducted in September in Ingushetiya the Aushev cousins, who were released only after mass agitation in the republic’s capital Nazran. Three of them are acting officers of the special services — the FSB and GRU, said the father of one of the cousins.

In the Village of Bazorkino Locals of Ingush Ethnicity Have Been Shot, One Is Dead, Two Wounded. The Fallen Was a Relative of Ingushetiya’s Deputy Minister for Nationalities 20.10.2007 00:26

Ingush Are Shot at Midnight 20.10.2007

On Saturday night the situation in the Prigorodnoy district in North Ossetia deteriorated sharply. Unidentified persons shot at the settlement of Chermen, where Ingush live. Two persons died, one was seriously wounded.

Zyazikov Is Still Trying to Get the Title of “Hero of Russia” 21.10.2007 01:05

The President of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov continues his attempts by fair means or foul to get the title of Hero of Russia.

Address of the Co-Ordinating Council of Non-Governmental Organisations for the Republic of Ingushetiya to the World Community and the Russian Federation Leadership 21.10.2007 13:51

The Co-ordinating Council of NGO for the Republic of Ingushetiya expresses protest and indignation over the killing on 19 October 2007 of the young people of Ingush ethnicity Sultygov and Timurziyev and the serious wounding of Dzaurov, in the village of Bazorkino (village of Chermen, Republic of North Ossetia).

The terrible incident occurred on the eve of the fifteenth anniversary of the ethnic cleansing of Ingush living in the Prigorodnoy district of North Ossetia.

Claims of the Public in the Republic of Ingushetiya about the Participants in the Abductions and Killings of the Ingush Population in Prigorodnoy District of the Republic of North Ossetia Alaniya 21.10.2007 18:10

On 19 October 2007 at around 23:00 unidentified persons in a silvver-coloured VAZ-21099 vehicle shot from a submachine gun at three residents of the village of Bazorkino (Chermen) in Prigorodnoy district, the Republic of North Ossetia, who were of Ingush ethnicity — Azrail Sultygov, Akhmed Timurziyev and Beyal Dzaurov, after which they left in the direction of the Ossetian capital.

As a result of the shooting two died: on 19 October Azrail Sultygov, born 1984, died on the spot, on the morning of 20 October Akhmed Timurziyev., born 1987, passed away from grave injuries in the republican hospital of Ingushetiya, and Beyal Dzaurov, born 1990, is in a serious condition in the intensive care department of the same hospital.

Gutseriyev Asks for Asylum in Great Britain
24.10.2007 12:25
The Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriyev fallen from grace is asking for political asylum in Great Britain

Amnesty International Appeals to Prevent a Repeat of Chechnya in Ingushetiya
IA Regnum 24.10.2007 23:04
International human rights organisation Amnesty International has issued a statement in connection with the sharply deteriorating situation in Ingushetiya resulting from the growing number of cases of violent disappearance, abduction and other human rights violations.


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