Crime Levels in Ingushetiya Are Normalising 08.10.2007 11:06

Over the last few days crime levels in the republic have been normalising: the daily armed attacks on military convoys and representatives of the security agencies have ceased, and the night-time shooting is easing off. At the same time there continues to operate an illegal instruction from the Ingush Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov not to report incidents in media outlets registered in the republic, and to conceal armed acts without serious consequence from the records.

Military servicemen who have inundated the republic are using unorthodox means to shield themselves from attack. Thus, at the checkpoint in the settlement of Alkhasty, in Sunzhen district, internal troops servicemen raised the Ingush flag. In response to our correspondent’s question regarding this, the officer manning the checkpoint said: “I hope that once they see the flag of their own republic, the combatants will not dare to shoot in our direction. We have nothing against the Ingush people, we were sent here on orders, we are trying not to interfere. We do not carry out any operations of our own initiative. We are being used for various measures of your republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB.”


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