Concentration of Troops in Magas 04.10.2007 13:53

In recent days in Magas a concentration of troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Defence Ministry for the Russian Federation has been observed. Around the city trenches have been organised, posts and hidden sentries set up, there stand tanks, infantry troops carriers and armoured “Urals”, field kitchens have been deployed. Near the building of the People’s Assembly of Ingushetiya an entire tent city of servicemen has been erected.

Among the population there circulate various rumours of the militarization of Magas, which is already overrun with security services as it is. According to the first version, the authorities were given a fright by the recent protest in Nazran, where the indignant crowd could have been provoked into storming the administrative buildings located in the republic’s capital. At any moment the enormous discontent of the population with the President of the Ingush Republic Murat Zyazikov and his circle could spill over into an uprising. Apparently Zyazikov requested that Magas be reinforced with troops and only after this was done, determined to return to the republic (the President of Ingushetiya has been holed up in Moscow for almost a month).

According to the other version, the security services have information on an assault on Magas being prepared by the combatants. Rumours are going round that some kind of armed action like that of 21-22 June 2004 is being prepared for after the end of Ramadan (12 October).


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