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Explosion in Makhachkala Minibus Taxi: There Was No “Female Shahid”

October 30, 2007

Gazeta.Ru 29.10.2007 14:21

As reported at Gazeta.Ru site

The enquiry into the investigation of the explosion of a minibus taxi in Kazbekovsky district in Dagestan has established that the 18-year-old female resident of Khasavyurtovsky district, Sidrat Gasankhadzhiyeva, is not the perpetrator of the incident.

As reported by the republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the testimony of passengers, one of the young people injured as a result of the explosion had been juggling a grenade. The grenade slipped from his hands and fell under the feet of the girl, she bent over and received the entire blast wave, thus saving other passengers. The enquiry into the case continues.

The explosion in a passenger minibus taxi in Kazbekovsky district in Dagestan took place on 23 October at 11:40. A “GAZelle” with fifteen passengers on board was on a journey out of the town Khasavyurt in the settlement of Dylym. As a result of the explosion eight people were injured, and one woman died. According to the initial version regarding the explosion, a girl-shahid blew up by the explosives.


Protest in Russia’s Capital Dedicated to the Events of Autumn 1992 in Northern Ossetia

October 30, 2007 27.10.2007 15:08
At 14:00 hours in Moscow at the Solovetsky stone by the Lubyanka a protest began in memory of the victims of the genocide and ethnic cleansing carried out in October and November of 1992 against the Ingush population of the Prigorodnoy district and Vladikavkaz. Around 200 people gathered. The action is passing peacefully, without incident.

In Troitskaya Cossack Village a Russian Family’s Temporarily Empty House Is Blown up

October 14, 2007 15.10.2007 00:55

On 14 October at 03:00 hours in the morning, the empty house of a Russian family was blown up in the Cossack village of Troitskaya, Sunzhen district. The family who lived in the house were outside Ingushetiya at the time and intended to return home soon. The fact of the explosion in the village of Troitskaya was hidden from the local police records. No criminal case has been opened; no investigation is being carried out.

This has been reported on condition of anonymity by one of the officials of Sunzhen District Department of Internal Affairs.

Valentina Nemova Has Died. The Number of Dead Reaches Three.

October 14, 2007 14.10.2007 18:07

Valentina Nemova, who was visiting the Kortikov family in Karabulak at the time of the armed assault, has died in hospital. Thus the number of people dead as a result of today’s crime has reached three. It has emerged that the criminals opened fire from a machine gun at the moment when the elderly Kortikov couple were visiting their son, a bus driver who lived separately with his wife. His wife Zoya and the 54-year-old father Nikolay Kotikov were killed on the spot. The mother, 53-year-old Tatyana Kortikova, and the 42-year-old neighbour Valentina Nemova suffered severe wounds. Nemova died as a result.

Two Russian Families Shot Dead In Karabulak

October 14, 2007 14.10.2007 14:28


Disturbing news has just come in from Karabulak. In the afternoon at around 14:00 hours unknown criminals shot dead two Russian families. The crime was committed at the intersection between Oskanova street and Moskovskaya street. Eye-witnesses saw two corpses on the street. Women were among the dead and wounded.

More detailed information about the incident will be reported later.

In the photo: the scene of the incident is cordoned off by the police.

Information on the Withdrawal of Troops Is Not Confirmed

October 11, 2007 10.10.2007 17:30

Our correspondent has checked whether information concerning the withdrawal of the additional contingent of internal troops deployed in Ingushetiya in September and October of 2007 corresponds to reality. Travelling to all sites where troops are based in Malgobek, Nazran, the settlements of Alkhasty, Magas, the Cossack village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya, he became convinced that the troops remain in place and their quantity has not been reduced. Moreover, a certain build-up in the alignment of forces is observed. Thus, in Malgobek in the square at the People’s Assembly, where an entire field camp with fields was set up, today extra subunits of troops have arrived, who are settling near to the former camp. Also, twelve extra military “Urals” have driven into the town.

Internal Troops Have Left Ingushetiya, Says Commander in Chief Nikolay Rogozhkin, However All Deployed Troops Remain the Republic

October 11, 2007 10.10.2007 13:47

Extra forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs internal troops have been withdrawn from Ingushetiya, announced the Commander in Chief, Nikolay Rogozhkin, writes RIA “Novosti”. In his words, these subunits have already returned to their permanent bases, and the task of safeguarding security is being carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and internal troops who are based here on a permanent basis. He reminded that 2,500 servicemen were deployed in Ingushetiya at the end of September.

But the reality is that the troop subunits additionally deployed in Ingushetiya during September and October remain in the republic. In particular, the regiment of internal troops which came to Malgobek in September continues to be based on the grounds of the former “Selkhozkhimiya” enterprise.

Some Details on the Shoot-out in Nazran and near Magas

October 9, 2007 09.10.2007 21:37

On 9 October at around 18:30 hours in the centre of Nazran a shoot-out occurred. Thereupon, witnesses saw armed persons in several cars chase a VAZ-2107 car, from which shooting was carried out in the direction of the chasers. In the area of the “TsentrKamaz”, not far from Magas, the occupants of the VAZ-2107 abandoned their car and, shooting back, retreated to the field. So far, reports of the incident are sketchy and not entirely reliable. There are reports that one of the men occupying the VAZ-2107 has been detained, and that those who chased the car were an operational response group for the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya.

Crime Levels in Ingushetiya Are Normalising

October 9, 2007 08.10.2007 11:06

Over the last few days crime levels in the republic have been normalising: the daily armed attacks on military convoys and representatives of the security agencies have ceased, and the night-time shooting is easing off. At the same time there continues to operate an illegal instruction from the Ingush Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov not to report incidents in media outlets registered in the republic, and to conceal armed acts without serious consequence from the records.

Military servicemen who have inundated the republic are using unorthodox means to shield themselves from attack. Thus, at the checkpoint in the settlement of Alkhasty, in Sunzhen district, internal troops servicemen raised the Ingush flag. In response to our correspondent’s question regarding this, the officer manning the checkpoint said: “I hope that once they see the flag of their own republic, the combatants will not dare to shoot in our direction. We have nothing against the Ingush people, we were sent here on orders, we are trying not to interfere. We do not carry out any operations of our own initiative. We are being used for various measures of your republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB.”

In Karabulak People in Masks Kill Timur Yandiyev, a Trainee in the Karabulak Municipal Department of Internal Affairs

October 5, 2007 04.10.2007 23:36

On the night of 3 to 4 October, in Karabulak unknown masked persons shot a trainee of the investigative section of the Karabulak Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Timur Yandiyev, in the yard of his own house.

“According to certain information, in the region of 22:00 hours unknown persons called Timur on his mobile phone and called him out into the street. Some time later the youngster was found in the yard with multiple firearms injuries, from which he died before reaching hospital. The criminals fled the scene of the incident,” reported our source. In the words of the relatives of the killed man,they have managed to find eye-witnesses who saw people in masks shoot Yandiyev.