Eye-Witnesses: the Galayevs Who Were Killed Did Not Resist. They Were Pelted with Grenades

ingushetiya.ru 27.09.2007 13:20
Our correspondent has met eye-witnesses who saw how the Galayevs were killed in the village of Sagopshi. One of them, a neighbour of the Galayevs, after completing his morning prayer, went out into the street and saw several “WAZ” and “Gazelle” vehicles drive up to the Galayevs’ house. Armed persons wearing masks jumped out of the cars, straightaway burst into the house and started shooting. He knows what happened after only from the words of the mother of the killed men. The special forces officers entered the house, seized the mother and her minor son and asked where the adult sons were. At this moment the elder son, Tagir, came out of a room, was shot and wounded by one of the officers and he was seized and taken outside while they beat him. From another room came screams: “What’s going on?” etc. The military servicemen pelted the room with grenades, after which they dragged out from there the corpses of the two killed brothers – Ruslan and Sayid.

Another resident of the village of Sagopshi says that yesterday evening both the killed men were at a movlat [a devotional ceremony] at the home of Ibragim Galayev, a local resident. “They can’t even accuse them of being Wahhabis, see, the so-called “Wahhabis” reject movlats, he said. In his opinion, they were killed because they strictly observed the norms of Islam and attended the mosque built in the village by the local resident Gandaloyev. Several months ago all those who attended the mosque, including these kids, were held by the police and put on a “blacklist”. The police consider Gandaloyev’s mosque “Wahhabi”. That is the reason why they were killed, thinks the resident of the village of Sagopshi.At present the corpses of the killed brothers have been taken away to Nazran. The fate of Tagir Galayev, who is being held, remains unknown – the officers of the mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs took him with them.


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