Today the Destruction of the “Sunzha” Ensemble Was Completed: Musicians and Technical Staff Are Dismissed 26.09.2007 13:30

Today was completed the final destruction of the children’s dance ensemble “Sunzha” from the Cossack village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya in Sunzhen district, Ingushetiya. The director of the district House of Culture Matiyeva signed an order to dismiss the musicians and technical staff of the ensemble – Roza Khautiyevaya, Alikhan Barkhanoyev and Magomed Belokiyev.

We remind you that on Monday the artistic leader of the ensemble Umar Guliyev was dismissed.

The grounds for the destruction of the cultural collective were the fact that the ensemble appeared on 8 September at a concert in Moscow dedicated to the 6-year anniversary of the site “Ingushetiya.Ru”. The instruction to disband the ensemble, in which more than 300 children were involved, was issued personally by the President of the Republic of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov.


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