In the Course of the Battle at Ali-Yurt Village One of the Attackers of the Military Servicemen Was Killed. The Fight in the Forest near Ali-Yurt Continues. 21.09.2007 17:00

As has become known to our correspondent, a special sub-unit of the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya supported by armoured vehicles and internal troops organised the pursuit of the VAZ-21014 car with armed persons who carried out an attack on military servicemen in the Nasyr-Kort municipal district of Nazran. The attackers’ vehicle was caught near Ali-Yurt village and a fight broke out. The car with the combatants caught fire, one of them was killed. The combatants opened return fire from submachine guns and grenade launchers. An FSB armoured personnel carrier was shot down from a grenade launcher. Shooting back, the group retreated into the forest. At the present moment the fight continues in the woodland. From there the sounds of submachine guns round and exploding shells are carried. Occasionally shots from grenade launchers can be heard.

The site of the incident is cordoned off, the road to Ali-Yurt is closed.


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