Representatives of the Protesters: “For Each Drop of Blood Shed Here, Murat Zyazikov and Musa Medov Will Be Held Personally Responsible” 19.09.2007 19:20

The situation in Nazran is extremely tense. The OMON [police special services] and troops, after the first unsuccessful attempt to disperse the peaceful people, have backed off from the protesters by 200 metres. The act of protest by residents of Ingushetiya driven to despair continues.

Several dozens of participants in the protest spoke with our correspondent and asked to give the following declaration through our site:“The forces of the OMON, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and units of internal troops on the personal order of the President of the Ingush Republic Murat Zyazikov and the Minister of Internal Affairs for theIngush Republic Musa Medov made attempts to disperse the protest by force. Random fire was opened on the unarmed protesters from submachine guns and machine guns. As a result of the firing two participants in the protest were wounded. We declare that for each drop of blood shed here, Murat Zyazikov and Musa Medov will be held personally responsible according to Ingush customs and laws, and also those who carry out their criminal orders


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