Protest in Nazran Continues. Mutalim Join the Participants in the Action and Perform Zikr 20.09.2007 00:23


In Nazran the unsanctioned protest of residents of the republic demonstrating against the killings and kidnappings in Ingushetiya continues. The patience of the Ingush has run out, in the people’s conscience something has snapped. People are tired of waiting for order and have decided themselves to gather together and demand from the authorities an end to the despotism. Notwithstanding the night, on Chechenskaya Street residents from other towns, villages and districts of the republic continue to arrive. At the present moment the local mutalim have arrived to support the protestors, and they are performing a religious zikr at the site of the protest action.

Civil servants from Magas, accustomed to live in luxury, cut off from the expectations and needs of the population, are perplexed. They no longer take orders from Zyazikov seriously, who has spent these past days in Moscow. Certain civil servants have said in private that Zyazikov on Wednesday spent the entire day drinking alcohol, and while not in a sober state, telephoned Musa Medov, the chairman of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Ingushetiya Makhmud Sakalov, and other people form his close circle, demanding from them that the protest be dispersed, shouting the while, and expressing himself towards them in obscene language. According to certain information, a split took place in the ranks of the Ingush OMON and a portion of the fighters refused to carry out Zyazikov’s instructions and Medov’s orders on the use of weapons in relation to peaceful residents. There is information that the military servicemen of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Russian Federation also refused to obey the orders to disperse the peaceful demonstration, although it has not proved possible to confirm this information from reliable sources.


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