Two Residents of Surkhakhi Village Are Kidnapped, among Them Magomed Aushev, Who Was Kidnapped in June with Attempts to Recruit Him as an FSB Agent. Residents of Ingushetiya Gather in Protest. 19.09.2007 00:27

On 18 September at the road leading from Grozny in the direction of Ingushetiya unknown security agencies abducted Magomed Maksharipovich Aushev, born 1985, and Magomed Osmanovich Aushev, born 1982, residents of the village of Surkhakhi in Nazran District, Ingushetiya. Both young men were travelling on the “Astrakhan-Grozny” train that day, and heading home, to the village of Surkhakhi. They were returning from Astrakhan where they were arranging to study in one of the city’s educational institutions. At the station the Aushevs took a taxi and headed into Ingushetiya. In the “Chernorechensky” District of the city of Grozny the taxi was cut by several vehicles – a silver VAZ-2110, a steel coloured VAZ 2115 and a white “Gazelle” from which persons in camouflage jumped out. They spoke in Russian and Chechen. Hitting the taxi driver named Shirvani on the head with the butt of a submachine gun, the security agents pounced on the Aushevs, beat them and threw them in their car. The kidnappers left on the “Kavkaz” road in the direction of Ingushetiya.

The relatives of the abductees, as soon as they lost contact with them (they spoke for the last time with the kids by mobile phone at 14:00 hours), left to Grozny, found the taxi driver Shirvani and from him discovered the circumstances of the kidnapping of the youngsters. In the FSB Directorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Chechnya they were told that their organs had no relation with the abduction of the Aushevs.

In the course of checking the route taken by the kidnappers it was discovered that their cars headed for Ingushetiya and passed the checkpoint “Kavkaz 20” at the administrative border between Chechnya and Ingushetiya at around 16:00 hours in the evening. At one checkpoint they presented themselves as FSB officers, at another they showed a special permit. Further on, the cars headed along the “Kavkaz” highway in the direction of Magas.

The relatives of the kidnapped are sure that the occurrence was FSB revenge for the events in June in the village of Surkhakhi. They believe that the kids’ movements could have been tracked by mobile phone calls.

One of the abducted was the same Magomed Aushev Osmanovich who, on 17 June of this year, during an FSB reprisal operation and mobile unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the village of Surkhakhi (in the course of which Ruslan Aushev was killed and local residents’ homes were destroyed), was kidnapped and taken to Vladikavkaz, where he was subjected to torture and they attempted to recruit him as an FSB agent.

After his release with the condition that he work for the FSB, Magomed Aushev wrote a declaration to the leaders of almost all the law-enforcement organs of the district, in which he told of the fact of the kidnapping, the torture and other abuse, and also of the attempt to recruit him as an FSB agent, indicating the mobile telephone number of the FSB officer who had been allocated to him as a contact. The said declaration was published on our site.

On 22 June 2007, FSB officers burst into the home of Magomed Aushev in Surkhakhi village in order to abduct him again, but Magomed was not there.

On 27 June in Surkhakhi village yet another reprisal operation was carried out, the local resident Khalit Aushev was seized, however local residents blocked the FSB Directorate officers and the mobile unit, and they won back from them the abductee, whom they were trying to take away to Vladikavkaz.

The details of the incident at the time provoked a public reaction in the republic, serving as the cause for a protest, in the course of which the federal “Kavkaz” road was blocked. The Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov promised the participants of the protest to end the despotism of the security officials within two weeks. However, he did not keep his promise and moreover, he dismissed the district police inspector who had dared to check the documents of the officers of the “death squad” trying to take Khalit Aushev.

And so the security agents once again have abducted residents of Ingushetiya, one of whom wrote to the law-enforcement organs and asked for protection from persecution.

This new kidnapping of residents of the village of Surkhakhi has provoked outrage across the entire republic. In the evening people gathered at meetings and discuss the events.

Today, 19 September, residents of Ingushetiya are determined to hold a protest demonstration in connection with the abduction of the Aushevs. At 09:00 hours in the morning people will gather near the mosque of Surkhakhi village. At 11:00 hours they intend to hold a protest at Ekazhevsky crossroads.

The organisers of the action request all residents of Ingushetiya who are not indifferent to the fate of the republic and its youth, who are being subjected to violence, killing and kidnapping, to gather tomorrow at the demonstration and protest against the situation.

In the photo: one of the abductees – Magomed Maksharipovich Aushev.


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