On the “Kavkaz” Road a Car with FSB Officers Has Been Fired upon. Alikhan Kalimatov – an Officer of the Central Office of the FSB for Russia, the Brother of the Former Public Prosecutor for the Ingush Republic Makhmud-Ali Kalimatov – Has Been Killed.

ingushetiya.ru 17.09.2007 18:51

At around 18.00 hours in the evening on the transport road “Kavkaz” near the “Vaynakh” café, situated on the road leading to the village Gazi-Yurt in Nazran District, a car in which there were officers of the FSB was fired upon. As a result of the shooting Alikhan Kalimatov was killed, an officer of the central office of the FSB for Russia, who was on an assignment in Vladikavkaz where he was engaged in the investigation of facts surrounding the disappearances without trace of Ingush and Chechens in North Ossetia. Another person was wounded who had been with Kalimatov. His name was Beslan. Whether he is an officer of the power structures remains unknown. The criminals fired at the car and fled.

According to other information, the car was not fired upon. Alikhan Kalimatov was killed at the entrance to the café.

Alikhan Kalimatov was the brother of the former public prosecutor of the Ingush Republic Makhmud-Ali Kalimatov, who was forced to abandon his post because of a conflict with the president of the Republic of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov.


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