Sensational Document on our Site. Rashid Ozdoyev and Other Kidnap Victims Were Killed. FSB Officer Repents. 22.05.2004 13:32

A sensational document has found its way to our editorial – a declaration to the General Prosecutor’s Office from I. Onishchenko, an officer of the FSB Directorate for Stavropol Province who was seconded to the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya and worked there for some time. Onishchenko claims that he carried out special assignments for Koryakov, the head of the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya, kidnapping and eliminating people; among the cases he was involved in was the kidnapping of the senior assistant to the public prosecutor for Ingushetiya Rashid Ozdoyev, who was greatly hindering Koryakov. We do not know how authentic this document is, but it is well established that Onishchenko did indeed work in Ingushetiya, that his declaration was presented to the Office of the General Prosecutor for Russia and it was transferred for consideration by the Directorate of the General Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern Federal Area.

Below is the text and a copy of the document.

To the General Prosecutor’s Office for Russia
From Igor N. Onishchenko
An acting officer of the Russian Federation FSB for Stavropol Province, who has worked in the FSB for Ingushetiya on special assignment, is addressing you.Today the term of my secondment has expired and I have returned home. My conscience is tormenting me.

I have worked as a field operative in the FSB organs for almost 12 years. Yet I did not think that one day working with the head of the Ingush FSB Koryakov, I would be tormented so greatly now.

The head of the Ingush FSB, Koryakov, is a terrible person in our system. Although he says that Patrushevy and Putin personally sent him to work here. This foul louse eliminates people for the sole reason that they are Ingush and Chechen. Do you see, he has had some grievance in his life inflicted previously by someone of this ethnicity and therefore he hates them.

Koryakov forced me and my colleagues – and five of us in all worked for this man – systematically to beat everyone whom we detained under the guise of officers of the ROSHA.

Then it all followed one plan. Special clothes, masks, different IDs, camouflage, cars, as a rule the detainees’ own cars – only the number plates were changed, special passes and other things which you know about better than I. Under the guise of a call beyond the limits of Magas – we would turn around and mostly return in other cars back to our buildings, and we killed people off. All the work took place only at night. During the day we caught up with our sleep.

Koryakov should have reported to Moscow about the fact that this work was going on, should have justified his rank of general, not long earlier conferred on him. For this purpose there was a target – a minimum of five people a week. At the start of 2003, when I had just been seconded, we did indeed hold people who had been involved in things. But after September, when Koryakov went wild because of some – as he put it – public prosecutor, we started to seize people indiscriminately, solely on looks. As Koryakov said, what difference anyway – all of them were lice.

I personally together with Sergey crippled more than 50 people. I buried around 35.

By the way, all the shooting at the building of the Ingush FSB was organised and carried out by me, on the general’s orders. Vadim and Sergey helped me with this.

Today I came home. They decorated me for my immaculate service. Thanks to the last operation to kidnap the local public prosecutor, because he had compromising stuff on Koryakov. The general had been hunting after him for a long time. The prosecutor’s ID and the government issue weapon I destroyed, I broke all his limbs. That very night Koryakov gave the command to the others to finish him off.

Soon it will be my favourite holiday: Easter. I am guilty. I cannot make an official declaration, because I signed, as you know, a document on not disclosing information. Besides, I need work, and there is no other, and I would have nothing to feed my family on. You understand, if I go and tell all, Koryakov will kill me and bury me, like we did to everyone whom we dealt with. However, I write to you, because I fear God. I repent.

This is nothing but the truth, some day people will find it out anyway. I do not know whether I can wash my sins away before God with this letter.

Igor N. Onishchenko



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