In Malgobek the Investigation into the Night Combat Continues 10.09.2007 10:45

The republic’s law-enforcement bodies are continuing their work in Malgobek investigating the circumstances of the armed attack on the battalion of internal troops of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs on the night of 9 September. In the course of the investigation it was established that from 10 to 30 people took part in the attack. On the road leading from the Voznesenovskaya station (the old road which passes alongside the location of the battalion of the Internal Troops of the Russian federation Ministry of Internal Affairs), there was set up an armed checkpoint of militants who stopped the vehicles of local residents, explaining to them that they could fall into the zone of fire and that they needed to wait till the end of the operation.

Following the firing, the militants began to depart from the scene of combat in several vehicles. Officers of the local police managed to catch up with one “VAZ” vehicle in which there were several of the attackers. Two militants jumped out of the vehicle, and taking up position, started to shoot back, covering the departure of the rest of the group. The fight with them lasted five hours. They were killed in the fire fight. Within several hours the corpses of those killed were identified: they turned out to be 25-year-old Malgobek resident Magomed Velkhiyev and 23-year-old Alik Azhigov, resident of the Novy Redant village.


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