The Deployment of Troops Has Complicated the Situation in Ingushetiya 09.09.2007 16:25

Many inhabitants of Ingushetiya think that the deployment of extra troops has complicated the situation in the republic. For example, for a long time there were no serious incidents in Malgobek, until the battalion of internal troops of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs became located on its territory.

The situation is the same in Nazran district. Various checkpoints and military locations have become objects for attack by unknown armed groups.

The President of the Republic of Ingushetiya, Murat Zyazikov — under whose rule corruption has flourished, the economy has collapsed, unemployment has grown, killings and kidnappings of representatives of the youth have become widespread along with other human rights violations — has absolutely no control over the situation and is not working with the population in any way to discuss the occurrences happening in Ingush society and develop measures to thwart the military escalation. It is long time to understand that coercive methods alone — shifting the entire burden of responsibility onto the troops and law-enforcement bodies to restrain those who take arms into their hands — will not work. What is needed is awareness efforts and preventative work with the youth and with that radical section of it which is joining the militants. It is essential to stop using elderly men and religious authorities as lackey servants of the authorities, to reject the practice of dividing Islam into “traditional” and “Wahhabi”, bringing schism into a society already split enough along teip, internal-religious, clan, party and similar lines.

And what is most important is that the regime should have authority. While Zyazikov and his circle rob their own nation, enriching themselves at its expense, living in luxury and debauchery, the population will not perceive such a regime positively and consider its side of the dialogue. The person most interested in the deterioration of the situation in the republic, in the armed attacks and acts of terrorism, is Murat Zyazikov, who artfully manipulates the Kremlin, hinting that “certain powers” are doing this expressly to achieve a change of leadership in the Ingush Republic. Zyazikov knows perfectly well that the federal centre will not cave in to coercive pressure. And the deployment of troops and the chaos allow him to hold onto power as long as possible and continue to ransack the budget funds with impunity. These crafty manipulations of Zyazikov and his false explanations before Moscow for the reasons for armed action disorientate the Kremlin, making it appraise the situation in Ingushetiya incorrectly. But the situation is that to all intents and purposes Ingushetiya is witnessing elements of an armed uprising of the unemployed youth. It is specifically that radical section of the youth which cannot resign itself to venal officials, to spineless authorities, to the open despotism of the law-enforcement bodies, to corruption in all spheres of life, to the hypocrisy of elderly men and so on, and who mistakenly believe that the only way to fight these vices is through armed struggle.

If measures are not adopted soon for the setting up of dialogue within Ingush society, yet more bloody incidents await the republic. And there can be no hope that for the sake of saving thousands of Ingush lives, for the sake of the nation’s salvation, Zyazikov will resign. Rather, for the sake of power and money, he will stick it out to the bitter end.


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