Who Is Killing Ingushetiya’s Russian-Speaking Population?

ingushetiya.ru 07.09.2007 15:14

Ingushetiya is in shock. Nobody can understand who is behind the murders of completely innocent Russian teachers, doctors, family members. Many rumours are circulating in the republic regarding this. The insurgents are denouncing these crimes through their internet resources. Many residents of the republic are sure that the special services are at work: special detachments are shooting innocent civilians, imitating armed assaults on military units which cause no significant damage but are accompanied by massive media coverage and manage to foment tension and an atmosphere of fear in order to resolve certain problems of their own. For example, to prepare the population for unification with Chechnya. Or for the fulfilment of other, more global aims, connected with the elections imminent in Russia.

The law-enforcement bodies catch innocent people – young guys who practise Islam and who have been earlier included in various “lists of undesireables”. They happily report to the media that those youngsters were the ones who killed the teachers, committed all the recent terrorist acts; as a result the real perpetrators escape blame, while on the soil of injustice with regard to those Ingush residents illegally arrested, kidnapped and killed without trial grows a generation who sees no alternative to armed resistance and willingly allow themselves to be ideologically brainwashed.

One thing is certain: something has to be done. Zyazikov and his circle are clearly not coping with the situation; they are not capable of consolidating Ingush society. They have become too mired with corruption, they think only of their personal enrichment and the development of methods for holding onto power a bit longer. To this end they spread all manner of fiction, for example, that someone is intent on using terrorism and murder to discredit the republic’s authorities before the Federal centre, in order to achieve a change of president, and so on, and so forth.


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