FSB Officers Who Killed Dolakov (Arapiyev) Were in a White Tinted “Gazelle” without Number Plates. The Killers Have Been Seized and Are Being Kept in the Karabulak Municipal Department for Internal Affairs


ingushetiya.ru 02.09.2007 18:52

It emerges that the persons who shot Dolakov in Karabulak (according to other accounts, the surname of the murder victim is Arapiyev) are FSB officers. They drove into Karabulak in a white “Gazelle” with tinted windows and no number plates. As reported by eye witnesses, the “Gazelle” drove up to the games club near Karabulak’s town gymnasium. When two young guys came out of the club, among whom was Dolakov (Arapiyev), people in masks leapt out of the “Gazelle” and opened fire with a submachine gun at them, without any warning. The kids, shielding themselves from the bullets, ran down the street. The FSB officers shot Arapiyev on the grounds of the “Ryabinka” kindergarten. The second youth managed to hide. Officers of the Karabulak Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and the Ingush OMON [police special forces] arrived at the scene, seized the killers and delivered them to the building of the Karabulak Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. All of the detained are officers of the Ingushetiya FSB Directorate, of Russian ethnicity. “One of the killers speaks in Ingush, he seems to be an Ossetian,”an OMON fighter reported to our correspondent. There is every reason to suppose that this group has been involved in many of the killings and kidnappings of residents in the republic, including the killing of the 17-year-old Islam Garakoyev (Belokiyev according to his passport) carried out a few days ago at the Ekazhevsky market.Some time later FSB subunits arrived in Karabulak in three armoured personnel carriers, intending to free the killers.


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