Examination of Murdered Youth’s Corpse is Undertaken. Eye-Witnesses report that FSB Officer Gave the Wounded Extra Shot in the Head



ingushetiya.ru 02.09.2007 20:25

In the yard of the “Ryabinka” kindergarten in Karabulak, the public prosecution investigator is carrying out jointly with the medical examiner an examination of the corpse of the murdered youth. Women living in the building opposite reported to our correspondent that first they injured the youngster in the leg, then one of the FSB officers walked up to him, shot the youth in the stomach, and gave him an extra shot in the head. Just at that moment the Ingush OMON [police special forces] combatants arrived on the scene and seized the killers.

In the photograph: the corpse of the murder victim (top photo); the investigator examines the corpse (bottom photo).


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