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Further Details on the Extrajudicial Execution of the Galayev Brothers in Sagopshi Village

September 30, 2007

unknown.jpg 28.09.2007 18:24

The press office of the Regional Social Movement “Chechen Committee of National Salvation” has reported that on 27 September 2007 in the village of Sagopshi in Malgobek District officers of the Russian special forces carried out the killing of the Galayev brothers residing at 77 Oskanov street.

Somewhat conflicting coverage of this incident on the part of the information agencies is understandable, as access to the house, which was cordoned off from early morning until lunchtime, naturally was limited. This is how incorrect information regarding the alleged escalating shoot-out and the injury of two special forces officers etc.came about.

Today, in the course of our own investigation and from the words of eye-witnesses who have visited our office, we have found out the following, word for word:

“At 06:30 in the morning the house of the Galayevs was approached by 4 WAZ vehicles model 469 – one yellow, three silver, belonging to special forces officers. They stopped near the house and quickly took position. Several of them were masked. The commands were given in Ingush and Russian.

Within several minutes they had surrounded the house, which it would be more fitting to call a hut. You’ll hardly find anyone poorer than the Galayevs in this village. In one room, together with his wife Madina, was one of the brothers, Sayid-Magomed Khasanovich Galayev, born 1983. The special forces officers broke into this room and shot defenceless Sayid-Magomed in front of his wife.

At the same time, in the other room, where Ruslan Galayev, born 1986, was with his mother and the 10-year-old boy Sayid-Akhmed, the following took place. Special forces officers also leapt into the room and opened fire at Ruslan, who died in front of his mother and Sayid-Akhmed.

The eldest Tagir at this time was in the yard. He was caught and beaten. Then they brought out of the house the Galayevs’ mother – Fasi, Sayid-Magomed’s wife – Madina, the 10-year-old boy Sayid-Akhmed, and they showered the house with grenades, while the corpses of the two brothers were still in the house. After throwing three grenades with an interval of a few seconds, the special forces officers made Tagir drag his dead brothers out.

Next two APCs, a military “Ural” and a WAZ drove up. The ambulance WAZ drove into the yard, where the corpses were loaded. The special forces officers took Tagir, his mother, the brother’s wife Madina, and drove them away in an unknown direction. The entire “operation” lasted from 06:30 in the morning until 13:00.

The brothers were very devout. Nothing bad about them is said in the village, they live on money honestly earned at building sites, and you could find none poorer than this family in the village. They offered no resistance. If need be, they could have been taken with your bare hands.

After the military servicemen left, the villagers entered the yard and saw against the background of the ruined house the terrified, grief-stricken 10-year-old Sayid-Akhmed, who could not understand what had happened. It is hard to believe that this boy will now have pleasant dreams…

Meanwhile the relatives instead of living persons had corpses returned to them for burial.

They were returned at 16:30.At 19:20 Fasi and Madina were released, and by 20:00 Tagir was too, the elder brother of the killed Galayevs. So that is how the special forces decided at a stroke who should live in this world and who need not!




An Officer of the Mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs Says: the Lists of Addresses for “Working through” and Liquidation of “Wahhabis” Living at these Addresses Are Issued to Us by the Local Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Lists Are Approved by the Republic’s Islamic Council

September 29, 2007 28.09.2007 13:03

Our correspondent has managed to talk with the commander of one of the subunits of the Directorate of Internal Affairs for Kurgan Region. The group of policemen headed by him is attached to the mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs based in Karabulak. In the words of the officer of the Directorate of Internal Affairs for Kurgan Region, the list of persons suspected of terrorist activity and “Wahhabism” is given to them by the local Ministry of Internal Affairs. In particular, the address of the Galayevs in Sagopshi village was on the list due for “working through” and “liquidation” sent to the mobile unit and signed by the Ingush Republic Minister of Internal Affairs Musa Medov. The operation in Sagopshi was approved by Medov and the latter assured them that the Galayevs were Wahhabis and combatants, that it was desirable to eliminate them on the spot, and not to attempt to take them captive. “At a joint operational meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya, Medov announced to us that the list was approved by the Islamic Council for Ingushetiya, that it included “Wahhabis” who leave the mosque on Fridays after midday prayers before the others etc.,” the officer of the mobile unit said.

In this manner, many young Muslims have found themselves placed on the “list for execution” compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Ingushetiya jointly with the Islamic Council for the Republic of Ingushetiya. Their entire guilt lies in the fact that they pray in the wrong way and leave the mosque early, after the ruzban prayer without performing the midday prayer. Whether they are indeed combatants, whether they belong to illegal armed formations is not a question bothering anyone.

Eye-Witnesses: the Galayevs Who Were Killed Did Not Resist. They Were Pelted with Grenades

September 29, 2007 27.09.2007 13:20
Our correspondent has met eye-witnesses who saw how the Galayevs were killed in the village of Sagopshi. One of them, a neighbour of the Galayevs, after completing his morning prayer, went out into the street and saw several “WAZ” and “Gazelle” vehicles drive up to the Galayevs’ house. Armed persons wearing masks jumped out of the cars, straightaway burst into the house and started shooting. He knows what happened after only from the words of the mother of the killed men. The special forces officers entered the house, seized the mother and her minor son and asked where the adult sons were. At this moment the elder son, Tagir, came out of a room, was shot and wounded by one of the officers and he was seized and taken outside while they beat him. From another room came screams: “What’s going on?” etc. The military servicemen pelted the room with grenades, after which they dragged out from there the corpses of the two killed brothers – Ruslan and Sayid.

Another resident of the village of Sagopshi says that yesterday evening both the killed men were at a movlat [a devotional ceremony] at the home of Ibragim Galayev, a local resident. “They can’t even accuse them of being Wahhabis, see, the so-called “Wahhabis” reject movlats, he said. In his opinion, they were killed because they strictly observed the norms of Islam and attended the mosque built in the village by the local resident Gandaloyev. Several months ago all those who attended the mosque, including these kids, were held by the police and put on a “blacklist”. The police consider Gandaloyev’s mosque “Wahhabi”. That is the reason why they were killed, thinks the resident of the village of Sagopshi.At present the corpses of the killed brothers have been taken away to Nazran. The fate of Tagir Galayev, who is being held, remains unknown – the officers of the mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs took him with them.

In Sagopshi Village this Morning a Mobile Unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya Carried out an Operation in the Course of Which Two Locals Were Killed

September 29, 2007 27.09.2007 09:35
Today at 6 o’clock in the morning in the village of Sagopshi in Malgobek District, officers of a mobile unit of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB Directorate for Ingushetiya burst into Building No. 77 on Oskanova street, in which the Galayev family live. In the words of the law enforcement officers, members of the Galayev family put up armed resistance: they threw a grenade at the special force officers and shot from a pistol. As a result of the operation executed the brothers Ruslan Khasanovich Galayev, born 1982, and Sayid Khasanovich Galayev, born 1986, were killed and the elder brother Tagir Khasanovich Galayev, born 1982, was wounded. He was apprehended and taken away. In the course of the shoot out, two special forces officers received light injuries.

Another Video of the Attempt to Disperse the Protest of 19 September. A Military “Ural” Tried to Ram the Protesters, but Retreated under a Hail of Stones (VIDEO)

September 27, 2007 26.09.2007 00:47

The Situation with Tuberculosis in Ingushetiya May Deteriorate Noticeably

September 26, 2007 26.09.2007 19:24

Since April of this year children in Ingushetiya have been unable to receive the “mantu” vaccination necessary as a prophylactic and defence against tuberculosis. Hundreds of mothers with their children have been haunting the medical institutes. But the doctors have simply shrugged their shoulders, saying that they do not know when the delivery of the required serum will come, and that the Ministry of Public Health has not earmarked funds for this. The paradox is that Ingushetiya is included in the top ten “worst” rating for tuberculosis infection among Russian territories. Thanks to the present situation, children find themselves in the “risk zone”. Meanwhile, the tuberculosis health centre is overflowing with severely ill patients.

Today the Destruction of the “Sunzha” Ensemble Was Completed: Musicians and Technical Staff Are Dismissed

September 26, 2007 26.09.2007 13:30

Today was completed the final destruction of the children’s dance ensemble “Sunzha” from the Cossack village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya in Sunzhen district, Ingushetiya. The director of the district House of Culture Matiyeva signed an order to dismiss the musicians and technical staff of the ensemble – Roza Khautiyevaya, Alikhan Barkhanoyev and Magomed Belokiyev.

We remind you that on Monday the artistic leader of the ensemble Umar Guliyev was dismissed.

The grounds for the destruction of the cultural collective were the fact that the ensemble appeared on 8 September at a concert in Moscow dedicated to the 6-year anniversary of the site “Ingushetiya.Ru”. The instruction to disband the ensemble, in which more than 300 children were involved, was issued personally by the President of the Republic of Ingushetiya Murat Zyazikov.

Two Wounded from the Firing in Malgobek – a Serviceman and a Policeman

September 23, 2007 24.09.2007 02:19

As a consequence of the firing from rifle-attached grenade launchers at the joint checkpoint for Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs internal troops and Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs, minor injuries have been received by one military serviceman and one Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs traffic police inspector.

The police and army are at present combing the town park and the locality adjoining the grounds of the stadium. Armoured personnel carriers are patrolling the town. The police and a battalion of internal troops have been put on a state of round-the-clock alert, reports the duty office of Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs.

In Malgobek the Joint Checkpoint for Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs Internal Troops and Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs Is Fired upon from Rifle-Attached Grenade Launchers

September 23, 2007 23.09.2007 23:11

In Malgobek unknown persons have fired from rifle-attached grenade launchers at Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs internal troop servicemen and employees of the Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs, who were jointly on duty at the checkpoint near the town stadium. At the present moment the firing on the checkpoint has resumed. At the site of the incident help is advancing from the Malgobek District Department of Internal Affairs. So far no one has been injured by the firing. Where the firing from the grenade launchers is coming from – whether from the town park or the stadium – is not known.

Many Malgobek residents have gone out onto the streets and are listening to the blasts and shots.

Blast Shakes Malgobek

September 23, 2007 23.09.2007 22:58

At 22:50 hours Malgobek was shaken by several blasts like the shooting of grenade launchers. There were a number of explosions and they were heard near the town’s stadium, where of late a checkpoint for the internal troops of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs has been positioned.