Urgent! Massive Blast Hits Car Park in Nazran’s House of Culture. Four Dead. Cars Aflame

1188591220.jpg 11885911231.jpg

ingushetiya.ru 31.08.2007 19:34 

In Nazran an explosion went off near the House of Culture at 19:10 hours. A “VAZ-21099” automobile parked in the House of Culture car park blew up. As a result of the explosion a neighbouring “Zhiguli” car caught fire. Three employees of Nazran’s Municipal Department for Internal Affairs died at the site of the blast, the fourth died from his injuries in hospital. The explosion was massive, heard by residents across almost the whole of Nazran. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs they emphasise, “We consider at present the primary lead for what occurred to be a terrorism act.” “The information gathered by the field-investigation group indicates that the ‘VAZ-21099’ automobile was packed with an explosive device equivalent to 2 kg of TNT. At the moment when the VAZ automobile drove up, the explosion of the ‘VAZ-21099’ was executed,” said a representative for the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Ingushetiya. The State Prosecutor for the Republic of Ingushetiya has opened a criminal investigation under two sections – 317 (attempt on the life of employees of the law enforcement agencies) and 222 (unlawful carrying and storage of weapons and explosive materials).  


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