People in Ingushetiya think the murder of Russian-speaking members of the community was a set-up. On television discussion of the murder of a teacher’s family is allowed while talk about the extrajudicial killing of a 17-year-old youth is forbidden.

 front_32.jpg 31.08.2007 10:44 

The population of Ingushetiya is outraged at the shooting of a teacher’s family in Karabulak. As previously with the murder of the Terekhin family in the Cossack village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya, many believe the present crime is a set-up by certain forces intent on increasing the military presence in the republic and turning Ingushetiya into a war zone to solve the problems faced on the eve of elections. The residents of Karabulaka, Nazran, Ordzhonikidzevskay and other populated areas of the republic are vigorously discussing the case, intent on publicly condemning the crimes. Certain groups have gone to Nazran to appear on television and condemn the killing of the 17-year-old youth in Nazran and shooting of a teacher’s family in Karabulak. However, the leadership of the television station had agreed to restrict on-air discussion to the murder of the teacher’s family, citing instructions received from Zyazikov. 


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